Dance Club the perfect celebration after exam week

The IGS Dance Club brought a whole lot of fun to School to wrap up exam week recently.

During exam week, Year 11 students Gabbie and Ilse taught K Pop, an upbeat, high energy dance style.

English and Drama Teacher Megan said it was the perfect way to wrap up exam week.

Dance Club runs each Friday and lunchtime in the Imaginarium.

Each week students from Years 7 to 12 are taught a new routine by a guest choreographer.

Year 9’s Oliver recently demonstrated his salsa skills to the club, while Grace of Year 11 taught the group her hip hop moves.

Next, the group will be led by Nye, who played Kinicki in the School production of Grease.

Nye will show the club some musical theatre jazz moves.

“It has been really wonderful to see students from all year groups bonding over their love of dance, encouraging each other and getting involved in the class no matter their experience level,” she said.