Art of place

A recent focus in the Early Learning creative space has mirrored this year's International Day theme, The Global Environment.

Students were encouraged to consider all environments and what colours and shapes in the environment intrigued them and sparked fond memories to revisit in their artistic endeavours.

“Our little learners were free to explore the environment in a way that stimulated their creativity, curiosity and thinking in multiple ways,” said Early Learning Educator Robeka Bresovski.

“It was during these explorations I was able to observe and appreciate the interactions children shared with their peers when engaging in different learning spaces.”


What did the artworks convey?

An image of the bright golden sand in the Maldives inspired Jemima to create her very own island, an environment that continuously has a rainbow in its skies.

Using an image of a beach, Livia used the processes of drawing and painting to convey a beautiful adventure shared with her Nonna and Nonno.

Using autumn leaves as inspiration, Nicola’s painting was a representation of her adventures to the park with her family and the creatures she has discovered in this natural environment.

Using an image of crystal blue water as inspiration, Rothko’s painting was a representation of his adventures at the beach with his Dad.

Tom was excited to paint his island adventures in Fiji, depicting sea creatures in the water.