Cultural cuisines

Year 4 students have been giving their taste buds a learning experience, delving into cultural cuisines in their language studies.

Students who study Japanese have been learning about common Japanese food, as well as Japanese regional food, special food for annual events, Japanese table manners and more.

“One of the most exciting sub topics they have learnt is rolled sushi making,” said Japanese Teacher Machiko Sensei.

The students learnt which ingredients are used and the process of making rolled sushi in class.

“In order to deepen their understanding of how sushi is made, we invited a sushi chef Mr Dekura to the class,” Machiko Sensei said.


“He showed us how to make rolled sushi while explaining the history of how rice came to Japan and how nori (seaweed) is made.

“After watching the demonstrations, the students tried to make their own sushi, and with Mr Dekura’s assistance, they all made two rolls each.

“At the end of the lesson they all enjoyed eating the sushi they made!”

The experience was conducted in Japanese, exposing the students to an authentic environment.

“When the students listened and recognised some familiar words for sushi making, some students showed a big smile of delight in understanding the language,” she said.

Student reflections on the experience:

Teddy: とてもおいしかったです。(“It was very delicious.”)

Peter: かんぴょうがすきです。(“I like Kanpyo, which is a cooked shavings of calabash, a type of ground.”)

Lily: とてもたのしかたです。(“It was very fun.”)

Year 4 students studying Italian had the pleasure of making and enjoying “salame di cioccolato” (chocolate salami) and “pappa al pomodoro” (a Tuscan savoury dish).

“It’s always great to learn language and culture through such a wonderful hands-on activities like cooking,” Maestra Formosa said. 

“It’s also so rewarding to watch the students follow a recipe in another language and see, and eat, the results.”

The class has kindly shared the salame di cioccolato recipe.

Student reflection: 

Due settimane fa abbiamo cucinato il salame al cioccolato e la pappa al pomodoro. Le ricette erano facili perché non c’era tanto da fare. L’unica cosa che non mi è piaciuto era quando dobbiamo aspettare fino a a lunedì per mangiare il salame al cioccolato. Era la lezione più bella della mia vita a scuola.

Two weeks ago we made a chocolate salami. The recipes were quite easy. The only thing that I didn’t enjoy was that we had to wait until Monday to eat our chocolate salami. It was the best lesson of my school life.