Cross-curricular performances

Some of our Year 6 students were treated to performances by Year 8 students earlier this week, sharing insights into cross-curricular activities in the High School.

One period of English each week for Year 8 is a Drama class, combining principles of the two fields to explore texts in further depth.

IGS English Teacher and Head of Bamal House Thom Marchbank said the arrangement allows students to grow in confidence and deepen their understanding of other human beings by embodying different roles.

“Drama enables you to go outside of yourself,” Mr Marchbank said.


In groups, Year 8 performed sections of Debra Oswald’s play Stories in The Dark, which communicates the power of storytelling. The play shares the journey of a terrified boy who finds himself separated from his family in a war torn city. The boy comes across an older girl who tells him stories to soothe the boy’s fears.

“I wanted to make it meaningful for Year 8, in terms of a having an audience, so that their work and learning went beyond the classroom,” Mr Marchbank said.

“I also thought that it would be fantastic to showcase their work, as well as give Year 6 students a taste of what they might look forward to in the high school, especially with SAGE Year 7 Shakespeare Bootcamp just ahead of them.”

In Week 7, Year 8 will also perform group-devised improvisation fairytale scenes for another Year 6 class, developed through Brechtian style theatre.