Creative mentors

Senior Visual Arts teacher Sophie Lampert is currently working double duties as mentor and ceramic buddy to Year 3 student Beau.

Each Wednesday Sophie guides Beau with individual ceramic construction lessons that explore the meditative nature that comes with making things by hand.

“Beau has taken to the artform like a duck to water and is enjoying his sessions immensely,” Director of Art and Design  Drew Bickford said.

“Sophie now has two wonderful assistants in Year 8 boys Tate and Orion, who are also finding the experience a weekly highlight.

“Recently, our wonderful maintenance team hero Michael Bullingham joined the crew to demonstrate some sophisticated pottery techniques and got all the boys working on the wheel. The results were just great.

“Generous and creative, the Art and Design team enjoy finding new ways to differentiate learning. Congratulations to Sophie and her posse of potters.”