Creative compositions in Music builds interdisciplinary collaboration

Our IGS Composer-In-Residence Ella Macens has been engaging our Years 9 to 12 Music Elective music students in creative composition activities since the start of 2021.

During Term 3, Ella will be composing a new work for presentation in Term 4 at an event that seeks to celebrate and further discover the many creative composition talents of our students and showcase their artistic endeavours.

“In composing a new work for IGS, Ella’s journey began by meeting with Year 4 English and Year 12 Music students in Term 2 to explore some ideas for what the piece might represent,” said IGS Director of Music Darren Kuilenburg.

The outcome was pages of exciting notes, where Ella gathered scribbles about forests, mountains, campfires, mushrooms and the moon, establishing some strong concepts for the work.

Calling all lyricists!

This collaboration is about to take its next step, and the Music Department in conjunction with the English Department and Head of English Thom Marchbank welcomes an invitation to any students in Year 11 English who may wish to work collectively with Ella in creating the lyrics for the new work, based around the themes created by Year 4.

Introductory sessions will be held online on Tuesday 9 August from 4pm to 4.30pm and on Friday 13 August from 4pm to 4.30pm.

Click here to sign up.