Creative career ahead for Alek

Congratulations to IGS Class of 2020 graduate Alek Markovski who is celebrating after receiving an early offer to UTS.

Alek will start a Bachelor of Design in Animation at UTS in 2021.

“I feel very relieved and excited,” said Alek.

“I completed my Drama HSC examination at 4pm on 11 November and received the unconditional offer from UTS at 8am on 12  November via text and email.

“I was particularly excited because the Bachelor of Design in Animation at UTS was my first UAC preference. I have already accepted the offer and set up my UTS profile.

“I’ve known for several years that I wanted to pursue a career as a concept artist; I have a passion for visual arts and drawing. After doing a lot of research as to the courses that offer a career as a concept artist, the Bachelor of Design in Animation at UTS was my preference.

“The Degree not only allowed for a career as a concept artist, but UTS was ranked the leading Art and Design school in NSW at the time I did my research. UTS is also affiliated with several production companies that offer work opportunities during University studies which was important to me.”

Alek said he is excited about the opportunity to be creative and to express his ideas through art.

“To this day I do not know who the staff member was that rated my abilities and aptitude but I would like to sincerely thank them, as, without them, I would not have received the offer,” he said.

His advice to students wishing to pursue a similar career path?
‘Do your research.’

“University is only one option when making decisions about future studies and careers,” Alek said.

“Depending on the career you wish to pursue, there may be alternative study pathways other than University. I would suggest to do a lot of research into your chosen career path and understand that if University is the only option, that there are many ways to get into University without solely relying on the HSC exams and/or ATAR,” he said.

Alek thanked all IGS staff who showed kindness and generosity throughout his journey at IGS.

“I believe that all my studies and experiences at IGS contributed to this result and that the result can’t be pinpointed to one or several studies or experiences at IGS.”