Creating a global network of Alumni

IGS are well on the way to creating a global network of Alumni, after recently holding their latest alumni event in Melbourne.

A group of past IGS students recently met in Melbourne to reminisce and expand their network of alumni connections in Australia.

The school has previously held IGS Alumni events in London and New York which pays homage to the school’s mission to “equip our students to be ready for the world”.

Deputy of High School Paul Galea said the event was very “representative of what a diverse community IGS is.”
From former admin staff and teacher as well as students from long ago and from recent times, Paul said one thing will always bring these people together, IGS.

“There were or had once been part of the IGS community and the ease of the conversation and communications suggested that this was a vital, vibrant and all pervasive link!.”

Class of 2004 alumnus and event attendee, Mitchell Davies said he was glad he had the opportunity to attend the IGS Alumni event in Melbourne “to meet with friends of which I had not seen for many years.”
“I’m now looking forward to reconnecting with the School to help other students achieve their goals through the mentoring program.”