Continuing Valerio’s mission

It is with warm thanks to the IGS community that the children of Gamba School in Malawi, Africa, can finally drink clean water at their school, instead of walking a journey of 2.5km each day to collect it.

Every IGS group of IGS Year 12 students has been raising funds for the project through their annual end-of-year cake stall since 2015.

IGS alumnus Valerio De Simoni (2004) tragically lost his life in 2011, at the age of 24, in a road accident in Malawi, Africa. Valerio was participating in a quad bike challenge with friends Jamie Kenyon (2003) and Kris Davant, to break the Guinness World Record of the longest journey on quad bikes. At the same time, Valerio, Jamie and Kris were raising funds for Oxfam Australia, to fight poverty and support the Southern Africa Livelihood Program. Together they raised an incredible $100,000 for Oxfam Australia.

Vittoria with several of the Year 12 Leaders for 2015 who ran the cake stall with Social Justice Coordinator Jodie Blacker.

Valerio’s mother, Vittoria, has been tirelessly campaigning for developmental pursuits such as the Gamba School project, in honour of her son’s memory. She wrote:

Dear Shauna,

Finally the well at Gamba School in Malawi has been built!

I want to personally thank you for your generosity of heart and your faith in the project. Without the IGS contribution and your input it would have taken several more years to have the well done.

I also want to praise your vision as an Educator.
You allowed the school to take on board this project but not only that.
Through promoting and encouraging Year 12 students to raise funds for the well,
you honoured Valerio’s memory and presented him as a positive role model to your students.

The result has been amazing. Since 2015 the Year 12 students have raised money for the well through their annual End of the Year Cake Stall. Please let them know of the great achievement and convey to all of them my deepest gratitude.

With them I would kindly ask you to thank Jodie Blacker for her great help in promoting the project, advising and helping the Year 12 students to raise funds for the well.

Finally please convey a big thank you to Julia Glass who followed the project step by step, liaised with you, with Jodie, with IGS Administration and with me.

Valerio would have been very happy to know that his school had so greatly helped in making his dream possible!

Dear Shauna thank you again from the bottom of my heart!

Warm Regards,

Vittoria Pasquini
The Valerio Daniel De Simoni Association Inc.

Gamba School students with the water project