Congratulating our new Head of English

Congratulations to IGS Teacher Thom Marchbank who has been appointed as Head of English.

“Besides being a passionate English teacher, a scholar and an avid reader, Thom is a great role model of professionalism and very much exhibits the qualities of a lifelong learner,” Principal Shauna Colnan said.

“He is a teacher who strives to develop in students an intellectual curiosity and a commitment to being the best that they can be. I have seen these qualities at close quarters, having taught English Extension 2 with Thom over the last 12 months. He’s a phenomenally gifted and dedicated English teacher.”

Thom said he is thrilled about the appointment, “even if I am sad to leave behind my beloved house, Bamal, and hope that I can parlay my passion for the humanising qualities of literature into excellent text choices, programs and teaching and learning opportunities for our students.”

“IGS students are unique in their caring, compassionate, smart, witty and socially engaged way. They are confident, voluble and articulate in expressing their ideas, and draw on the wealth of their diverse languages, cultures, and rich backgrounds,” Thom said.

“English gets to the core of our being human- being able to interpret texts equips us with the emotional intelligence to understand others and ourselves, while acquiring vocabulary and ideas through encounters with our literary heritage provides us with tools to express our most complex thoughts and inner life. To paraphrase Wittgenstein, ‘the limits of our language are the limits of our world’.”

Thom said IGS offers a place for everyone, and recognises the special qualities of all its students and staff.

“Our values, such as vibrancy, diversity, and connectedness, are not imposed from without, but emerge from real qualities, things we live as true every day.”