Compassion and generosity make a difference

The compassion and generosity of IGS Primary Teacher Nancy Gagliano and her 2020 Year 2 class has been felt far and wide.

IGS Primary Teacher and Head of Teacher Accreditation Michelle Weir said how touched her family felt when they received a donation of $650 in honour of her niece, Evie Grace, as part of a fundraiser for the Kids’ Cancer Project.

The Year 2 children drew pictures inspired by Picasso after studying a unit on the famous artist last year, and their parents were encouraged to purchase their child’s artwork with all proceeds being donated.

Together with her Year 2 class, Nancy donated the funds and sent a heartfelt message to Evie’s mother, Sarah Weir.

“After hearing about the Kids Cancer Project, I spoke to the children in my class and we thought it would be a great idea to raise money in memory of Evie Grace,” Nancy wrote in her letter.

Sarah replied saying: “I love that there are still people hearing about Evie’s story and being inspired to raise funds.”