Comfort the key for new uniform items

New sports shorts and tops will be available from the IGS uniform shop from April.

“We are glad to make these new items available to all our students in response to a student-led initiative,” said IGS Deputy Principal Students and Campus Life Mary Duma.

“We want our students to be comfortable as they learn and play.

“IGS has always had a very sensible attitude to the uniform, with a lot of flexibility. This is consistent with our motto, Unity Through Diversity.”

New IGS sports tops and shorts
New IGS sports tops and shorts

The brainchild of Year 11 Students Representative Council (SRC) representative Maya Braun, the new items improve what is already a very popular uniform. The new items can be worn by males and females and on sports and non-sports days.

Year 11 SRC representative Maya Braun

“The IGS uniform is fantastic,” Maya said. “We have so many options and a lot of freedom with what we want to wear, whether that be wearing the blouse with the shorts usually worn by boys, or wearing the sport uniform on a non-sport day.

“However, for the sport uniform, I received quite a few complaints regarding the thickness of the polo shirt, due to the amount of sport kids do in class, and I’d noticed many girls starting to wear different non-school sport shorts instead of the school sport shorts.”

Improvements were needed to limit perspiration, and to make the cut more comfortable and less revealing.

“I took in all this feedback and designed a pair of shorts that had pockets, didn’t leave sweat marks, used sport short material and were not as revealing for girls.

“Girls who want to participate in sport should feel comfortable when doing so, and not having to worry about perspiration marks or showing too much skin.

“Also, for the boys, I thought it would be nice to have a more soccer style shorts, instead of wearing longer, basketball short type pants.”

Maya is delighted her suggestions have been taken up.

“Not only have I suggested something to the School; they have listened. Together with the Uniform Shop supplier, we’ve produced the final product.

“I find this very special about IGS. They take action.”

Maya is also in the process of designing an IGS raincoat, with a prototype underway. 

The IGS SRC is made up of two or more students from each High School year group. The team represent the student community at large, to encourage discussions that promote beneficial changes at the School, and inspire fellow students to become actively involved in the IGS community. 

Our SRC representatives are lively, optimistic and passionate about prompting conversations for positive change.

“At IGS we have great relationships between year groups and between students and staff,” said IGS Head of High School Anthony Dennehy. 

“Anything we do here as the SRC should promote and deepen these amazing connections, and offer better experiences for students.”