Collective Action

From Year 7 to Year 10, IGS students experience a series of High Resolves programs, which progressively build personal decision-making skills and encourage critical thinking about social change.

Current Year 9 students recently took part in a global values educational program run by High Resolves on “Collective Action”.

This learning experience was built around the renowned multi-party prisoner’s dilemma, which is at the heart of many global problems.

The experience was delivered by skilled High Resolves educators, designed to achieve cognitive, affective and behavioural outcomes, and the signature activity of this workshop was the CO2 Negotiation.


“This highly interactive and student-driven simulation places students as ambassadors from dozens of nations who have signed the General Agreement on Climate Change, a fictitious treaty on global warming,” said IGS Social Justice Coordinator and Head of Year 7 Jodie Blacker.

“Students learnt about the interplay between the economic cost of their emissions reduction and the collective plight of the planet.”

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