Collaborative projects STEAMing ahead

A group of Year 5 students took part in a pilot collaboration program with St Catherine’s School and Newington College earlier in the week.

“The pilot is focusing on enhancing our students’ capability to be respectful in collaborative, real and virtual environments,” said IGS Primary Studies Coordinator and STEAM Innovator Michelle Sullivan.

“In teams with students from Newington and St Catherine’s, our students are working to produce a STEAM inspired representation of what respectful relationships mean to them.”

In the first stage of the pilot, students have been engaging in STEAM inspired team building activities and investigating cases of social justice. The second stage of the pilot will occur in Term 4 where they put together their design at the University of Technology Sydney.

“Prior to this event, students had virtually completed ‘get to know you’ activities and an initial inquiry into what respectful relationships look, sound and feel like,” Ms Sullivan said.

“Many of the students commented on the differences between interacting with their team in a virtual space compared to the face-to-face opportunities.”


Student reflections:

Charley Challis: “I really liked the invention task because it brought everyone in my group together, as we were all interested and got to learn more about each other’s ideas.”

Andrew Gilchrist: “It was really different doing these activities at an all girls’ school.”

Janna Ayache: “I really enjoyed the rotation activities, especially the invention task as everyone’s ideas were listened to.”