Drama collaboration deepens learning

DraYear 4 were excited to begin their Drama Pilot Workshop with the Sydney Theatre Company this week.

The workshops were facilitated by Alyson Evans from The Sydney Theatre Company.

“Alyson has a wealth of school and community experience, as well as extensive experience leading drama workshops online for children and young people, including with the School of the Air,” IGS Teacher Teresa said.

The children will have 2 more workshops next week.

Julian said: “I really enjoyed the movements and actions.” 

Arlo said: “I thought it was pretty cool and fun.” 

Maybelle said: “It is interesting to learn something different in a different way.” 

Lucia said: “I thought it was something new.” 

Director of Dramatic Arts Rita Morabito said IGS has had an ongoing partnership with the Sydney Theatre Company.
Four IGS teachers are collaborating with an artist to explore Drama pedagogy and increase literacy skills using Drama to engage students more deeply in their learning.
“Under COVID-19 this professional learning has been impacted, but we are preparing to collaborate regardless via online teaching,” Ms Morabito said.