Collaborate! Staff Conference

At the Collaborate! staff conference ahead of the 2020 academic year, values and student capabilities were among key topics up for discussion.

The conference began a new conversation about the identity of IGS now and in the future, ahead of the development of the next Strategic Plan to 2025.

Staff had the opportunity to discuss the School’s achievements and to brainstorm goals for 2020 and beyond. 

They participated in various exercises, including discussing desired student attributes and their skills and achievements on leaving IGS.

At the end of the conference, IGS Principal Ms Shauna Colnan asked Heads of School to discuss the results of the exercise.

“Being resilient, and having courage is something people said they want for our students,” said Head of High School Mr Anthony Dennehy.

“Being able to cope with the rapidly changing lives that they lead. I also want them to be able to give back and appreciate what they have.”

Head of Primary School Mr Colin Bird said he wanted students to be able to solve problems.

Head of Early Learning Sarah Herbert noted the commonalities she saw around the room and said it reminded her of the importance of what Early Learning are doing in the classroom, and the skills they instil in the children from a young age.

Ms Colnan also welcomed IGS parent and pioneer in NSW Education, Rob Randall, who shared insights into teaching and curriculum.

“Education matters more to more people now, and we have to have a debate about how we’re delivering it,” Mr Randall said.

“If education doesn’t work for some people, the consequences are more dramatic than they used to be. I think that’s the significant change over time.

IGS wishes to thank graduate Maxine Baker (2019) who performed Dancing in the Dark by Bruce Springsteen at the Conference.