Coco Gillies stars in upcoming Australian film

IGS Year 10 student Coco Gillies is starring in the upcoming film, Ruby's Choice.

Directed by Michael Budd, the film tells the story of a teen girl, played by Coco, who’s forced to share her bedroom with her Grandmother, who has dementia.
The girl’s emotions evolve from hate to love her as she learns more about some family secrets.
Coco stars alongside Jane Seymour, Jacqueline McKenzie, Stephen Hunter, Michael Budd and Nicole Pastor.

“I’m so excited to be working on this production,” Coco said.

“The Cast and Crew are amazing and I’m so excited to be working alongside these amazing actors, including Jane Seymour and Jacqueline McKenzie.

“My character’s name is Tash and she is the granddaughter to Ruby, played by Jane Seymour.

“Tash is very intelligent. She loves school and is very caring, but she can also be a bit rebellious and always stands up for what is right, which you see multiple times throughout the film where she helps Ruby battle her dementia.”

Coco’s preparation for the role involved rigorous research into dementia and working closely with the wardrobe department to get a real sense of who her character is and what she is portraying.

 Filming began in July and is expected to finish later this month.

“This is considered an extremely short filming time. Due to COVID-19, we have many rules on set and this has forced us to squeeze everything,” she said.

“I am so blessed to be working on this film.

“Fifty per cent of the proceeds will be going to the study of dementia.

“It is such an important topic that many families suffer from, yet it is rarely demonstrated in the media.

“Ruby’s choice doesn’t demonise the disease, it shows how the elderly struggling with it still can contribute amazing things to their family and society.”