Close the Gap

IGS students celebrated National Close the Gap Day by collecting gold coin donations for local Aboriginal preschool Wunanbiri, in Alexandria.

“Close the Gap is a very important day, to get people thinking, to open their eyes to recognise that our country is not perfect,” said Joe of Year 9.

“There’s still a lot of injustice in Australia, and poverty. By everyone at school putting in a dollar, we are making a difference.”

This year marked the 10th National Close the Gap Day, bringing people together to share information and take meaningful action in bridging the health and life expectancy gap between the Indigenous and the non-Indigenous communities in Australia.

“The reason we are seeking money is to support Aboriginal kids who are attending preschool, is so that they have the foundation literacy and numeracy skills they need when they come into kindergarten,” said IGS Academic Mentor for Indigenous Students (Preschool to Year 12) and Aboriginal Studies educator Jade Carr.

“Our donation will allow them to purchase some books or other resources, to make it a richer experience for them at preschool. Preschool is very expensive, but our local Aboriginal school, Wunanbiri at Alexandria, is just $20 a week, so every bit counts.”

IGS continues its tradition of educating young Indigenous Australians through our Indigenous Scholarship Program. Ms Carr explained that many of our Indigenous scholars attended Wunanbiri Preschool.