Clicking fingers show appreciation

IGS high school students warmly welcomed lawyer and popular Bankstown Poetry Slam founder Sara Mansour to their end of term assembly.

Head of Literary Projects Derek Patulny spoke of “the sport of words, and the importance of words and language to build relationships and change the world”.

“Words can also be fun and funny,” he said. “If we want to access the power of words, then having some sense of the pleasure of words is important.”

Derek Patulny and Ryan Kitchin
Derek Patulny and Ryan Kitchin

Students applauded Ryan Kitchin of Year 11, who read his award-winning poem,
When the war rages, written during his 2018 Tasmania – Writing the Island SAGE experience.

Mr Patulny welcomed Sara to the stage to help launch the IGS High School Poetry Slam.

“I came across it at a time I was feeling lost,” Sara said of slam poetry.

“I wanted to find my fire.

“At first I was scared, but I performed again and again, and started the Bankstown Poetry Slam with my friends six years ago, which is now the largest in the country with hundreds of people involved each month.

“It’s a journey. I’ve met the Prime Minister and travelled interstate and overseas.”

Sara showed students how to click their fingers to show their appreciation, and performed her poem My Australia, to much clicking.

In other news, Head of Kuyal House Stephen Pace thanked Astrid McKinley and Grace Fusco for designing the new IGS House t-shirts, featuring all IGS Houses and all Tutor Group totems – symbols of identity, care and belonging at IGS.

New House totem t-shirt designers Astrid McKinley and Grace Fusco of Year 11
New House totem t-shirt designers Astrid McKinley and Grace Fusco of Year 11

Students also appreciated a polished performance on saxophone by Max Rodie of Year 12, and a number of students were awarded certificates for their service to the IGS community.

Max Rodie on saxaphone
Max Rodie on saxophone