Clean energy and smart cities

Students in Year 6 Green welcomed guest speaker United Nation Global Compact (UNGC) Urban Scholar (Cities Programme) Desiree Lucchese earlier in the week.

Ms Lucchese assists businesses with corporate sustainability strategies and governance, carbon management reporting, stakeholder management and low-carbon transition.

“Year 6 Green were very honoured to have the calibre of Ms Lucchese to discuss the importance of ‘Smart City Planning’ for the future,” said IGS Primary Digital Innovator and educator David Smith. “The presentation tied in with the Year 6 topic on renewable energy production.”

Ms Lucchese presented to the students on:

  • Global warming effects
  • Greenhouse gases
  • Oil case studies: “Fire aboard the Deepwater Horizon oil rig, April 21, 2010” and “East Grand Terre Island, Louisiana, June 3, 2010”
  • The world’s reliance on oil from the Persian Gulf and how transitioning to a clean energy future will help reduce dependence on foreign oil and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Wind farms and offshore windmills
  • The new generation of geothermal power, using heat energy generated and stored in the Earth

Ms Lucchese also explained how safety considerations, energy saving resources and appliances, water conservation and being ecologically sensitive are all factors that make homes “smart”.

“I know there will be students in this class that will in the future contribute, directly and indirectly, to the way sustainable cities are planned,” Mr Smith said.

The Year 6 class thoroughly enjoyed Desiree’s presentation, taking away a further understanding of environmental impact and sustainability.

Lauren: “Ms Lucchese gave a great quote that stuck with me: To me ‘smart’ is the ability to analyse all possibilities.”

Red: “Her presentation was informative and addressed planning problems we face on a daily basis.”

Zoe: “She gave me a greater understanding of the world and global warming.”

Mia: “I liked the way she was able to simplify the importance of sustainability.”

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