Chloe Walsh: Portable bush garden

Choosing Aboriginal Studies was easy for curious Chloe, who chose to research and create teaching resources on native flora and traditional knowledge about them.

Chloe’s Major Work is a multi-stage teaching kit about native edible and medicinal plants in Australia and traditional, sustainable land management practices.

“I designed and created a portable garden box featuring eight unique edible and/or medicinal native plants,” Chloe said.

“The portable feature was part of a theoretical aim to be able to take the garden to primary schools across Sydney to educate students on this topic in an incursion form of learning.

“With my garden came a student work booklet, detailed teacher information cards, and a take-home recipe booklet featuring pictures, information, where to buy native plants, and recipes to utilise them.

“The student work booklet contains a range of age-specific activities focusing on comprehension, creativity, and recounting of learned knowledge. This includes crosswords, drawing pages, comprehension tasks and more. My teacher information cards were originally going to be lesson plans/guides however through discussion with my teachers I discovered that for many teachers, learning the needed information but teaching it in their own unique way was much more desired by teachers. Because of this, I made information cards featuring detailed analysis and description of each plant but allowing for teachers to adapt this knowledge to their subject and their students’ learning.

“Overall, through research, detailed analysis and thinking in detail of each aspect of my project, from page size to paper type, I was able to produce a strong teaching kit that can be adapted and used to educate young Australians on the rich benefits of our native flora and the incredible traditional knowledge held by our First Nations peoples on effective and sustainable land management.”

Work booklet here

Teaching material here 

Garden booklet here