Chinese exchange students farewell IGS

IGS gave best wishes to six departing students from China, as part of our IGS international exchange program.

IGS has been involved in student exchange programs for a number of years with schools from France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Japan, New Caledonia and China.


The visiting students partnered with Year 8, 9 and 10 IGS students and attended classes alongside them.

IGS Chinese Teacher Shuyi said the exchange students presented three workshops for Year 6 classes and did a “fantastic job”.

“The exchange students taught IGS students some daily expressions through demonstration and role play,” Shuyi said.

“At the end they taught IGS students a Chinese song.

“For some classes, there was time to have a Q&A session. Some Year 6 students raised some interesting questions, such as, how Chinese children learn English and whether our school differs from schools in China.”

Shuyi said their questions sparked active class discussions.


The exchange students finished off their visit with an excursion to Darling Harbour on Wednesday and a farewell party on Friday afternoon.


IGS students are looking forward to travelling to China towards the end of the year.