‘Chillax’ and choice at After Care

There have been plenty of highlights in Out of School Hours Care (OSHC) this term.

“Children are enjoying the range and variety of activities offered,” said Head of OSHC David Englebert. “The educators are also enjoying a new way of working and seeing the benefit for the children every afternoon.

Lilia and Lucinda of Year 4: “I think it’s a really cool variety of things to do. I also like being able to chillax and having choice in the different activities. There is great variety.” 

Educator Charlie Morgan: “With the restructuring of After Care, I think the children have flourished. They’ve been able to more deeply explore their own hobbies or even find new ones, and that’s been really exciting to see; after all, aftercare should be all about having fun!” 

In Years 1 to 6, children have been taking advantage of the language help they are receiving from our Educators, who are IGS alumni.

Arts and Craft continues to be a popular choice every afternoon. Our Educators organise and introduce something new each week based on suggestions and feedback from the children.

Holly and Orla of Year 5: “I like the variety of activities in Arts and Craft during the week.” 

The new Amphitheater space is great for children who like to get involved in free-play with the range of games and activities on offer. It is a place where children continue to learn to negotiate play, communicate and work in groups to achieve an end goal.

Games and sports on the East Roof have been a great way for children to be active in the afternoon. Our new hats have been welcomed by our students and help keep the children safe from the sun.

Genevieve of Year 4: “I love the new hats!” 

The Garden walkway is being used as a great place to enjoy an afternoon snack for children before their club begins.

Kindergarten have been enjoying free-play on the newly astro-turfed West Roof, with new equipment, toys and the craft section particularly popular every afternoon.

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