Charlotte Venning: Italian and Native Australian food fusion

While travelling abroad in Year 8, Charlotte was asked about Aboriginal culture, and she was shocked with how little she knew. She chose to study Aboriginal Studies at IGS to deepen her knowledge.

“I think the major work is probably the thing I’ve enjoyed the most as I could do something that I connected with and grew up with,” Charlotte said.

“Food culture which for me is extremely important and a big part of connecting to my Italian culture, I learnt so much and got to meet so many amazing people throughout the project.”

As part of her major project, Charlotte made a recipe book that was a fusion between Italian and Native Australian.

“I then explored the ingredients, their health benefits and uses, Dreaming stories, articles about communities starting up in the bush food industry, and I also looked at the National Native Bushfood symposium which had the key objectives they are working on. I basically based my project on this.”