Challenging subjects take centre stage

Year 11 Drama students tackled challenging issues to present Change the Subject, an original, "honest and brave" performance.

“Current power structures have let us down. We start to talk about changing our world but it becomes overwhelming, so we …Change the Subject.”

Year 11 Drama in action
Year 11 Drama in action

In Term 1, Year 11 Drama students explore theatre making to discover their strengths and interests in acting, design, writing, directing and research in preparation for Year 12 HSC options.

“IGS students are immersed in an inclusive pedagogy of bilingual learning, cultural appreciation and future-oriented thinking,” said Director of Dramatic Arts Rita Morabito.

Original posters
Original posters

“They are risk takers who in this task have been charged with accessing their own cultural power to explore the pretext ‘Home Stories Imagined Futures’ and make an original play.

“Having seen Zeal Theatre in action since Year 8, they know the power that theatre holds when audiences engage in a dialectic which challenges what they are willing to accept in their world.

Year 11 Drama perfornance
Year 11 Drama performance

“For some, this was their first public performance and experience of Drama.

“Two classes combined to explore what matters to them with a strong sense of social consciousness.

“They collaborated to critically examine and craft what they wanted to say to us. The designs, the posters, the research and the original music was theirs. The process was just as important as the product. They presented an honest and brave work which they named Change the Subject.”

Analysis and costume plans
Analysis and costume plans

Gabrielle: “A lot of the time as young people we don’t get an outlet to say what we believe in, or when we do, people don’t listen or care. I feel young people’s voices deserve to be heard, because it is our future. To be able to talk about these issues and explore them through drama, something we love, is really powerful.”

Parker: “This experience was extremely informative of the creative process of theatre production. It was so fun working with two professional actors, having them help us with characterisation and putting scenes together.”

Difficult issues at centre stage
Placing difficult issues centre stage

Lily: “I think it is a positive thing to have a play about these issues because these are issues so relevant to the world we live in and our future lives. Discussing violence against women and the mental health of men has been necessary. I’m happy with what we have created because it really reflects all the things we spoke about on the very first day of the process.”

Ava: “It has been a lot of responsibility to build this from scratch, but with that has come freedom.”

Maximus: “The way Zeal took on all our ideas, good or bad, complete or barely started, was great. They let us build it, which is encouraging and empowering. Their methods work, They let you do the talking and then bundle your ideas together to cause an armament of scenes.”