Challenge and reward at Year 7 camp

Three days of abseiling, canoeing, archery, high ropes and other team-building activities were among the recent outdoor education experiences for Year 7 at Wombaroo Camp in the Southern Highlands.

“One night was spent in cabins, the other in tents,” said Talulla. “We learnt to work as team and how to cooperate in difficult situations.”

The hands-on, group experiences helped forge new friendships as the students transitioned together from Primary School into High School.

“It was great to be part of a team that bonded so well, especially when we didn’t really know each other,” said Tobia. “My favourite bit was the hike to and from the campsite, because I was with my new friends.”

Students enjoyed the chance to embark on activities outside of the classroom, taking in the fresh air and remarking on the starry night sky.  

“The Wombaroo Camp was one of the best experiences I have ever had,” said Ava. “I loved being outdoors in the fresh air. This camp truly takes your confidence and comfort zone to a new level.”

One of many challenges was the construction of outdoor shelters.

“My favourite thing that we did was during the night where we got to sleep in the tents,” Ava said.

“We had an hour to build a separate shelter that was windproof, waterproof and comfortable, using only native plants and sticks. My team and I created the most beautiful shelter and won the challenge.”

“The camp was a very memorable and fun experience, and we have all made new friends, attained new skills and are ready for our next IGS experience,” said Talulla.

“It’s a chance to discover new things, step out of your comfort zone and most importantly to trust the people around you,” Ava said.

A number of Year 11 students assisted IGS and Camp Wombaroo staff at the camp.