Certificate of Appreciation for Year 2 Green

The Women's and Girls' Emergency Centre in Redfern has sent Year 2 Green a certificate of appreciation after receiving their generous donations.

“A very big thank you to International Grammar School class 2 Green for raising almost $2,500 of food and toiletries for the woman and children of WAGEC,” Chief Executive Officer Helen Silvia said.

“Your contribution will make an enormous difference in the lives of our children and young people, providing them with the support they need to thrive at a time when they need it the most.”

“Your passion and dedication is heartwarming and appreciated by our whole team at WAGEC.”

Year 2 Green Teacher Josie Nardella thanked the parents of 2 Green for their “wonderful random act of kindness, as shown by their incredible generosity in contributing to the donations for the women’s shelter”.

“I am not surprised as this term, Year 2 have been participating in random acts of kindness at home with their families. I can see how kind and caring the students are in my class. It certainly is a reflection of positive parent role models.”