Celebrating Primary Languages at IGS

As Term 3 draws to a close, language teachers have reflected on the diversity and creativity of their students' experiences.

The unique IGS Languages program immerses Primary students in their additional language for 40 minutes daily in Kindergarten and 80 minutes daily in Years 1 to 6, deepening their understanding.

Enjoy this snapshot of Primary Language Learning activities throughout Term 3:

Early Learning Transition Japanese children gave a daily update using a weather chart in Japanese and went on to explore the animal kingdom. All children in Transition have explored the animal kingdom this term.

Kindy French students read together while they explored “les animaux au zoo”.

Year 2 Japanese and French students explored science together.

Their Floating and Sinking Tray invited children to predict, experiment and record data about which different objects float and sink when placed into water and why.

It was a fun science concept for children to explore using their second languages.

Year 3 students of Japanese used paddle pop sticks to reinforce their learning of Katakana and Kanji characters.

Year 3 students of Italian worked together in pairs to brainstorm words, verbs, and structures related to “La Salute” – health.

Year 4 Italian learned about the different regional dishes of Italy.


Year 5 students of German revisited vocabulary and the geographical features of Japan, with students taking on the role of the teacher in their second languages.

Year 5 Italian Beginners worked in small groups. One rehearsed conversations around “Dal Dottore” (going to the doctor) while another group wrote recounts of their daily routine.

Year 5 German and Year 2 Japanese students buddied up to learn greetings in other cultures.

Year 5 Italian students have been learning about Japan. Here the students are telling their classmates about Japanese Festivals, the geography of Japan and how to eat correctly when in Japan.

In Italian Year 6, students have been delving into the history of Gli Antichi Romani. Here they are focusing on the Punic Wars. The students have created board games and playing them whilst speaking Italian.

The Year 5 Italian Beginners Class were some of the first students to use the new learning space in the IGS Bibliothèque. Students explored the books in diverse languages back on offer.

We thank our dedicated IGS Languages Department teachers and educators who enjoy sharing their expertise and collaborating to bring out the best in their students.