Celebrating parents, carers and families

Students at IGS are celebrating and honouring the special people in their lives ahead of Mother's Day.

Teachers are also helping to broaden the focus of Mother’s Day by considering all family and friends who have a special impact on our lives.

Director of Early Learning Rebecca said family is the single most important influence in a child’s life, and parents of all kinds need to be celebrated.

“In recognition we tend to do open ended messages through art works, bookmarks or photos to people we love and people who love us,” she said.

How will some of our staff spend the day?

A number of IGS Early Learning staff and families will take part in the Mother’s Day Classic in The Domain, an annual fun run and walk raising funds and awareness for breast cancer research. Donations would be welcome.

Principal Shauna Colnan


For me, Mother’s Day is a day to spend with my family. We have so many mothers in our large family and the number is growing each year, with the next generation now having babies. I love spending special time on the day with my sons who are now in their 20s and with my mother. For me, the day is all about gratitude. It’s also about sharing memories of the mothers who are no longer with us but who we still treasure and celebrate through those family stories that we tell again and again when we’re all together. In our case, these are stories about our grandmothers. On Sunday we’ll be having lunch in the beautiful Centennial Park. 

Deputy Principal Mary Duma


Mother’s Day is a day filled with love, laughter and fun. The family comes together to share in a meal and enjoy each other’s company. We have three generations of mothers at the gathering, with the matriarch being my 94-year-old mum. The grandchildren and their squeals of excitement just make the day so very special. Being a mother is the greatest gift. Each Mother’s Day I look around the table and marvel at the family I am blessed to have. It is both humbling and an honour to be called ”Mum” – a title I hold in high esteem.

Director of Dramatic Arts Rita Morabito


Mother’s Day is very important to me. I lost my beautiful mum to cancer in my early 20s and so it became a very sad day as I loved her very much, she was my best friend and I still miss her immensely. I am very grateful however that eventually I became a mum myself to Jamison who is now in Year 10. This photo was taken on the Italy Drama History trip last year when we were in Naples. This Mother’s Day I will be doing the 8km Mother’s Day Classic run in the morning, for my mum and for so many close friends who have battled cancer.

After that I will watch Jamison play soccer for the University of Sydney as Captain of the team and then we will have a meal with my husband’s family to celebrate Jamison’s 88 year old Nan, June, who is very much loved by all.

Teacher Michelle Weir

Mother’s Day for me is celebrating my mum and thanking her for all that she does. We always have a brunch at my place with the whole family.  Since becoming a mum more than 23 years ago, something I treasure are the cards I receive from my boys and my stepson.  Each one always writes some personal words which mean the world to me. Being a mum can sometimes be a challenge but it is also the most precious job in the world! 

Japanese Language Teacher Lucy Howard-Shibuya

Mother’s Day is just another family day in my household.  We don’t make a huge fuss. I will be starting the day by running in the Mothers Day Classic as I love exercising and doing it for a worthy cause. Both my kids and husband are super supportive of me and I could not have asked for better kids. I will of course visit my mum and then we always have a big family dinner with our neighbours on Sunday, so it’s all about family and not just mums!!


Mathematics Teacher Cassandra Church

Every day is Mother’s Day in our household!