Celebrating parents, carers and families

Staff at IGS are celebrating and honouring the special people in their lives ahead of Mother's Day.

IGS Deputy Principal Students and Campus Life Mary Duma said on Mother’s Day, she likes to give thanks to her mum.

“For her love, ongoing belief in me and for the incredible sacrifices she has made and continues to make in support of her family. At 96 years of age my mum is an inspiration,” Mary said.

“We are lucky to have a mum in our lives and on Mother’s Day we make sure that we shower her with love.”

IGS Deputy Principal Academic Operations Lisa Kelliher said “Mother’s Day is a day where I feel immense gratitude for my own mother, who has been such a source of love, support and strength throughout my life.”

“I also think of my grandmothers, who never failed to show incredible love and dedication to their families. Mother’s Day is a day when I reflect with gratitude on the joy my children bring to my life, while also being a time to reflect and remember the challenges of this day for those who have lost their mothers.”

IGS Director of Dramatic Arts Rita Morabito said she loves being a mum to her “gentle boy who has grown into a beautiful young man.”

“I can’t believe this is his final year of school.”

Acting Head of Mathematics Cassandra Church said, “Mother’s Day is a beautiful way to take time off from everything else and connect with my wonderful family.”

IGS Principal Shauna Colnan said Mother’s Day is such a special day.

“We’re having a family lunch and I’m looking forward to spending the day with my sons and my mother. I wish everyone in our community a Happy Mother’s Day.”