Celebrating music in early childhood

Music in Early Learning at IGS happens every day, taught by our specialist music teachers, beginning with the famous words of our IGS Early Learning Good Morning song echoed in multiple languages.

We understand that engaging children with music has a profound effect on the development and overall learning in the early years.

The late Richard Gill said “when the musical imagination is ignited in a group circumstance we have the most amazing, extraordinary power to change lives with music and it should start with very young children”. He believed every child has the right to be taught music by a “properly taught teacher”.

Our IGS children are in a favourable situation to be able to experience this daily. Our children break into a heartfelt sing-a-long during music lessons, tap their feet while they draw, or quietly hum away at a song. All of these meaningful music moments in a young child’s world are protected and celebrated at IGS.

Students enjoy a variety of Music activities

There is nothing more moving than hearing the pitch perfect singing of a child oblivious to an audience but ordinarily shy of performing. It shows that music is and can be everywhere and for everyone in their own way.

Last year, when IGS Early Learning Music Co-ordinator Sarah Travis, welcomed our current Preschool families to IGS, she advised them to extend the gift of music that our children are given by “engaging the children in the world of music so that they can begin to explore sound in the world around them”.

Sarah says that singing, moving and playing singing games are fundamental at this age. Importantly, she says not to be afraid to sing with your child. Play a wide range of music to them at home and be thrilled when they invent their words to a known song. This is one of the first steps to musical composition.

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Making music fun in Early Learning