Celebrating International Day at home!

IGS students celebrated an International Day with a difference today, taking part in a wide range of online activities.

With students still learning remotely through the IGS Off-Campus Learning Program, Languages staff went above and beyond to source and create activities which would connect our community to the wider world regardless.

Students of Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish enjoyed a remote assembly, movies, games, music, dance and more, while Indigenous cultural activities were also on offer.

We thank the students who spoke and performed in multiple activities for the International Day assembly, a magnificent display of Unity Through Diversity in action.

Principal Shauna Colnan spoke of the sanctity of home and the international nature of the COVID-19 pandemic.

She recalled the displays of creativity, endurance and resilience we saw in Australia as ANZAC Day was honoured in our streets, in Italy where people sang on their balconies, in the UK the displays of soft toys, and the way teachers in the USA drove through their towns, where their students waved and blew them kisses from their doorways.

The assembly also featured greetings and fascinating glimpses of life at IGS sister schools in Europe, China and Japan as they face their own COVID challenges. 

Congratulations to all involved for entering into the spirit of the theme, International Day at Home.

View the 2021 IGS International Day Assembly video.

Below are some student and staff photos from the “Bringing Art Alive” initiative, where students were asked  to find a famous painting and bring it to life either by enacting it, or recreating their own version using LEGO®, playdough or drawing.