Celebrating IGS languages legend Vilma Rotellini

The IGS Head of Primary Languages has lived, breathed and believed in the IGS languages dream for 34 years, exalting in its achievements.

“Since our founder, the late Reg St Leon OAM began his quest, I have seen his IGS language dream evolve into what it is today,” Vilma said.

“I am thrilled about what has been achieved at IGS.

“Our children have gained so much from our school motto Unity Through Diversity and I really believe that the staff and the parents have as well.

“We embrace difference – everyone belongs where Harmony Day, International Day and Wear it Purple Day are celebrated with passion.

“ Languages have been supported by principals and by parents. It’s a two way street and we have all learnt from each other.”

“Other schools offer languages, but we offer five languages in the Junior School every day from Early Learning to Year 6.

“We don’t do ‘tasters’. Ours is a partial immersion program. Children focus, think and engage.

“The IGS offering is unique and we are proud of it. Language is compulsory at IGS, and we offer such a wonderful range of options.

“The IGS model has stood the test of time.”

Vilma believes deeply in the IGS languages and the bonus education it offers.

IGS children gain different things from their language experiences.

“Learning a language gives our brain a boost. We become better learners and I think we become more interesting.

“Languages act as bridges between cultures. Our students are curious and get an insight into another culture, at the same time experiencing a clearer view of their own, and improving the knowledge of one’s own language.

“They might not realise all the benefits while they are learning, and maybe at the time we don’t know the full extent of what we are giving them either.’

“I believe in the IGS languages program because I know it works.

“My son attended IGS from Preschool to Year 12, and he studied Japanese as a 2nd language and Italian as a third. He and his IGS friends have become the most beautiful adults. They’re happy, confident and vibrant. They are open minded and their perspective on many things is very different.

“It’s a joy to see them becoming parents, having their own families, still embracing their additional language and passing it onto their children.

“We have given them the gift of knowledge.

“It’s the whole spectrum of respect in our environment. It’s a safe space, and a really amazing world here for our kids.

“It’s good for everyone. Good for the world.

“My best friends work here. How lucky am I? We’ve gone through ups and downs together, work and personal. This is my work but it’s also been my family and home.”