Celebrating diversity and culture

This week IGS celebrated Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children's Day.

Early Learning children had the opportunity to engage in experiences that broadened their understanding of diversity, culture and knowledge of Australia’s Indigenous people.

In Preschool Green, the children recognised Aboriginal Children’s Day by engaging in dot painting, matching games and reading Dreamtime books. 

In Preschool Gold, children drew symbols and animal tracks in the sand, while others looked at the symbol for a rainbow in Aboriginal culture.

The class explored the topic What is culture, and they discussed family, play, stories languages and cuisines.

In Transition Gold, the children explored the universal language of children everywhere – music and dance.

“Linking to our current language topic of animals, the children were asked to identify Australian animals before using their body to demonstrate how these animals move,” Candice said.


“Using traditional Aboriginal instruments such as clapping sticks and recordings of the Didgeridoo turned these movements into dance.”

All Early Learning children at IGS participate daily in the IGS Acknowledgment of Country.