Celebrating 23 years at IGS

IGS parents Jacqueline Hellyer and Simon Williamson are celebrating 23 years in the International Grammar School community.

Their children are Ryan (2013), Claudia (2019) and current Year 12 student Louis Williamson.

Jacqueline said there was a lot to love about IGS.

“IGS encourages passions,” she said. “I’ve always loved that about the school.

“The kids are allowed to be themselves and are encouraged to be themselves rather than to be moulded into something.

“I’m really grateful to have had IGS. I’m not sure what other school we would have sent them to. It’s such a perfect match.

“I’m glad that IGS exists. It has looked after my children for 23 years. It has helped bring them up into the fabulous young humans that they are.”

Prior to enrolling Ryan at IGS, Jacqueline attended an information session at the School, about developing “a whole child”. The session inspired her to enrol Ryan, followed by Claudia and Louis.

“We also loved the emphasis on languages. Myself and Simon speak multiple languages, when we found out there was an opportunity for bilingual language we thought, ‘fantastic’!

“There was lots of music and art, and the place just had such a great vibe about it.

“I loved that it was co-educational. There’s not a lot of choice for co-ed in the private schools field.” She also loved the fact IGS is not selective.

When she asked her eldest son Ryan how he would best describe the school, he said IGS was “relentlessly supportive”.

“All my children liked the fact that while IGS was a private school, there are lots of opportunities. It never felt like a gated community,” she said.

Ryan liked the diversity of households in the community and that Mrs Murphy’s speeches were so interesting.

“They all had memories of the odd thing here and there and had favourite teachers.

“Claudia loved the fact that she could wear her uniform her own way. She had a unique way of presenting herself. I used to love the way she would make her uniform look each day. It was just extraordinary. She said she was allowed to be herself.”

After graduating from IGS, Ryan (2013) achieved first class Honours in Design at COFA and first class Masters in font design at Reading University. He now works as a font designer in England.

“Ryan said the teachers at IGS were really supportive of his goals and said to go for it.”

Claudia is undertaking her second year of sound engineering. She also runs an upcycling store online and works as a receptionist at a hairdresser.

“They have beautiful values, and they all love sustainability,” she said.

Louis, who particularly has a passion and drive for sustainability and human rights, is considering a career in social science or politics.

“He loves languages. If he can, he will take a year off and go overseas to study languages further,” Jacqueline said.

Louis is currently studying French, Indigenous Studies, Advanced English, Maths, Geography and Drama.

Jacqueline said it felt bittersweet to be saying goodbye to IGS after 23 years.

“It has been a really nice journey. I do hope I get to come back. Ryan said he would love to send his kids to IGS.”