Cambridge beckons for IGS Dux of 2018 Jessica Trevelyan

Congratulations to IGS Dux of 2018 Jessica Trevelyan who has been offered the opportunity to study Natural Sciences at Trinity Hall, Cambridge.

“Cambridge is a collegiate university, so applicants apply to and receive offers from individual colleges rather than the university itself,” said Jessica, whose interests in maths and sciences helped her shine, with an ATAR of 99.85.

“I have been offered a place by the residential college Trinity Hall to study Natural Sciences,” said Jessica, who was recognised on the NSW All-Round Achievers List for attaining top band results in at least 10 units.

“The Natural Sciences tripos is a very broad degree, allowing me to continue studying Chemistry, Biology and Maths in the first year.

“I was incredibly excited to receive the offer. The application process was very long and challenging, culminating with two interviews at Cambridge in early December. I thought the first interview went really badly, so I didn’t have high hopes of an offer. I was really surprised when I found out I had a place, and very glad the hard work paid off.”

Jessica plans to move to the UK by 1 October for the start of the academic year, after exploring parts of Asia and Europe.

“I really want to thank all the teachers who gave up their time to help with my application and supported me in the process. They helped make a daunting task seem much more manageable.

“I have had a fantastic six years at IGS, and will never forget its hugely encouraging and inclusive environment.”

Jessica (front) representing the IGS Titration Team in 2018, competing in the Royal Australian Chemical Institute Titration Competition.

IGS Principal Shauna Colnan wished Jessica “all the very best for the adventure ahead”.

“We are thrilled that this brilliant young woman is off to Trinity Hall, Cambridge to continue pursuing her love of Science,” Ms Colnan said. “Jessica worked hard and the world is opening up to her in very exciting ways.”

“We are very proud of Jessica,” said IGS Science teacher Claire Loh who wrote a reference for her application. “Jessica worked extremely hard and I look forward to hearing exciting news from Cambridge and to having her back to talk to our students.”

Head of Science Sian Welch said Jessica’s approach and success were “inspirational to all the students coming through”.

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