Call of friendship from Yuwalaaraay Country

The Goodooga community have expressed their gratitude to IGS Year 6 students and their families for their recent care packages.

“The care packages have been a fabulous example of friendship between two communities,” IGS Japanese Language Teacher and Red Earth Indigenous Immersion Coordinator Lucy Howard-Shibuya said.

Lucy was delighted to see that our good friends in The Goodooga community on Yuwaalaraay Country received the care packages sent by the IGS community, after the small town went into lockdown.

“Mindy Gibbs, Yuwalaaraay educator and Elder, was thrilled to see the array of arts and crafts materials sent to the kids while they are unable to attend school. She was very overwhelmed and appreciative of the gesture of support. Mindy’s daughter Kira referred to them as ‘wonderful boxes of fun and creativity’,” Lucy said.

“This has been a fabulous example of friendship between two communities, urban and rural and has highlighted the importance of building community and cultural understanding.

“The IGS Year 6 kids and staff who travelled to Goodooga have not only deepened their understanding and respect of Aboriginal culture, they have had a chance to see the concept of reciprocity in action.

“After being shown the incredible hospitality of this community, we were so excited about them coming to Sydney for the return visit in November.

“Sadly, due to COVID, this has been postponed, but at least we have been able to give back in a way that demonstrates our solidarity and ongoing connection to a place far from us in distance but not in our thoughts.”