Building mindfulness skills for wellbeing

IGS recently celebrated Stillness Day, encouraging students and staff to stop, breathe and reflect.

Working with the team at The Indigo Project, the School organised mindfulness activities utilising positive psychology in a relevant and engaging approach to mental health and wellbeing.

The Indigo Project works with organisations to create experiences grounded in psychology and creativity, to help people learn about themselves and discover new ways of being.

The morning began with a Year 12 “Music and the Mind” workshop to provide students with practical tools to empower them to be themselves, manage stress through music-based experiences and address self-doubt.

IGS staff were treated to a staffroom sanctuary, as well as the “Listen Up: Immersive Music Experience”, designed to enhance the relationship with sound and oneself.

Staff reviews:

  • Such a brilliant PD. Stopping to relax is fundamental to our resilience.
  • It was a great idea and got everyone talking about what was happening in their day.
  • I have been reading quite a bit about student wellbeing lately and teacher wellbeing is always highlighted as an essential component. So it looks like we’re on to a good thing.
  • I really loved it and it is good that it is becoming a regular event. It is so easy to get caught up in our crazy days.

Around the school campus, staff have been encouraging students to take a moment to be still and observe their thoughts and feelings, as well as the sights and sounds around them.

In a recent assembly, IGS Head of Stage 2 David Engelbert shared mindfulness exercises with Primary School students and parents and caregivers who attended.

It was a special experience to have the entire Primary School as well as staff and parents in silence, with their eyes closed, taking a moment to be still and reflect.

Mr Engelbert has also recently been working with Primary students in class, honing wellbeing and minfulness skills.