Building intercultural understanding

IGS Year 5 students participated in a Science project where they created sustainable containers for students living in a remote community.

Following on from a virtual meeting between IGS students and students in northwestern NSW earlier this year, Year 5 teacher and Head of Teacher Accreditation and Development Michelle Weir’s students enjoyed creating the containers.

The students filled the containers with stationery and letters for the students at Goodooga school.

Students discussed intercultural learning and Aboriginal perspectives, before coming up with a list of questions to ask the students.

Their questions included:
What special activities do you do at school?
What are your favourite subjects?
Have you ever been to the city?
What are your totems?
What wild animals do you see out there?
Who is your favourite footy team?
What music do you like to listen to?
How long does it take you to get to school?

Students are looking forward to their next Zoom meeting with the community, where they will learn songs in the Yuwaalayaay language.