Bright sparks tackle Bebras Challenge

Keen students from Years 7 and 8 pitched their problem-solving talents against those of like-minded students around the world in the challenge.

The students prepared ahead by meeting to solve problems from previous Bebras Challenges, taking part in the 45-minute 2021 international online competition late last week.

“The challenge tests computational thinking, including pattern recognition and using processes of elimination,” said Head of Year 8 and Mathematics Teacher Amy Cao.

The students teamed up, devouring their lunches and the challenging questions with intense concentration.

“It’s a way to challenge your thinking and extend it,” said Logan Williams, who took part in Primary School versions of the competition. “I want to have a STEM career.”

For Isabella Forde, taking part was about improving her mathematics skills.   

“It deepens your knowledge and your problem solving skills for the future,” said Alessia Savi.

Another round of the competition, for students in Years 9 and 10, will take place later in the year.

In Australia, the Bebras Competition is coordinated by the CSIRO. Congratulations to all who took up the challenge!