Brazilian music in Year 5 Japanese

After the success of the IGS Tokyo Olympic Challenge in Year 5, IGS Languages Teacher Noriko Yamanaka set her students another challenge.

The Year 5 language Term 3 topic was an Intercultural Unit and the Year 5 Japanese students were learning about Brazil and Brazilian culture,” Noriko said.

“Through my professional development, I have become familiar with Brazilian performer Charles Raszi. He sings a Brazilian song called Peixinhos do mar (Fishes of the Sea) and performs body percussion.

“I thought this song would be a great way to connect with Brazilian culture through music, singing and learning body percussion.

“All students enjoyed the challenge and they uploaded colorful creative photos and videos which reflect Brazilian imagery.

“They accepted the challenges eagerly, cooking Brazilian food with their family, creating Brazilian-inspired headpieces and icons, learning the Brazilian song and performing body percussion, exploring Brazilian dance movements, and creating instruments using household items for use in a video.”

Noriko thanked Charles Raszi for the inspiring the IGS Brazilian challenge!