Bravery the same in every language

Primary students from Kindergarten to Year 6 showcased the development of their language skills at the Week 3 Assembly.

Head of Primary School Colin Bird congratulated students on their bravery in standing up on stage and performing in front of the 500 people in the room.

Years 3 and Year 6 Japanese classes performed on stage.

Year 3 Japanese students have been exploring the topic of Australia this year, where they learnt about cities, animals and food.

The students acted out a scene on stage to showcase their learnings.

“They decided to take Japanese tourists to an Australian zoo to introduce Australian animals,” teacher Noriko said.

“After the zoo dialogue, children performed an Australian song about animals, which I translated into Japanese.

“Children explored different animal sounds and used them effectively. Year 3 Japanese children enjoyed the process of learning and singing the animal song in Japanese.”

Year 6 Japanese students chose to showcase the ways in which they learnt Japanese from Kindergarten to Year 6.

Year 3 Japanese students joined in and sang a few Japanese songs they had learnt.


We congratulate Italian students who also took to the stage, along with a number of students who received awards during the Assembly.