Braiding for a big cause

After discovering a knack for braiding hair, Laura McFarlane of Year 12 has used it to help support a big cause.

For the past few months, Laura has been meeting with younger students before school to braid their hair for a gold coin donation, raising money for the Sydney Children’s Hospital.

“I care a lot about children and to think about all the kids in hospital is devastating, so I thought if I could raise money and make even a little bit of a difference, then I’d be happy,” Laura said.

Laura has enjoyed forming friendships with younger students throughout this initiative.

“Meeting with the younger students is definitely fun because they all have stories,” she said.

The donations made from many strands of hair being looped into place has now amounted to more than a few hundred dollars.

“Some teachers have also donated, and other students have donated more than a gold coin, which just shows how caring IGS students can be,” she said.

“I enjoy braiding because it’s very simple and easy, for me at least, and doesn’t take much time.

“Seeing the end of doing someone’s hair makes me happy because then they don’t have to worry about their hair for the rest of the day.”

Laura’s skills were also put to work for another great cause at the recent Half Cut and BraidsOn for the Rainforest event.

Laura hopes to progress into early learning education once she finishes her schooling journey, continuing her passion for children’s care.