Textiles and Design popular with all

IGS Textiles and Design Teacher Ksenija Doic is proud of all of her students.

Of the 14 students studying Textiles and Design in Year 12 this year, 9 are male.

Ksenija said she is very proud of IGS for leading the way.

Alec Burke began studying elective Design and Technology in Year 9.

“I  wanted to do another Design and Technology course the following year,” Alec said.

“I spoke to Miss Doic and I picked it as a Year 10 subject. I ended up having a lot of fun creating some really cool things, so I kept it through Years 11 and 12.”

“There have been many highlights during Textiles. Firstly, Ms Doic gets you really excited about it and keeps that pace throughout the whole year.

“I enjoyed the first runway show and handing in my major textiles project was also a great feeling, definitely one of the biggest highlights of High School. Just the feeling of submitting something you have worked so hard on was awesome.”

Alec’s Major Work is an African inspired two piece garment that incorporates patchwork and digital printing. Alec said it has a beautiful colour pattern.

“The patchwork is incorporated into the pants where there is a mix of digitally printed patterns and plain coloured square. It has these Sutton pockets which have a smooth lining and digitally printed facade.

“And the top is a tunic top with a bright orange from and red back with accents of digitally printed fabric for the collar and the cuffs,” he said.

Alec said Textiles is a “really fun course”.

“I learnt a lot and Ms Doic is an amazing teacher. She has also been my mentor this year and has really helped me through all of the process from start to finish.

“She checks everyone’s work and is almost a textile mentor for everyone. She really goes far and beyond for her students.”

Alec said he hopes to study textiles at UTS.

Another Textiles student, Maggie, said she was always inspired by seeing previous Major Works for the course, and was interested in pursuing a course that allowed freedom to express your own style.

“I think the biggest highlight and biggest challenge comes hand in hand with the major work. It was challenging to stick to an idea and have resiliency through the minor bumps while completing the major work, though, it was amazing to see what I, and everyone else, had created,” Maggie said.

“I have always loved fashion and designing so I do hope to use these skills in the future, even if it isn’t as a career path.

“My major work for textiles and design was a ’90s inspired dress and jacket, alongside a portfolio which encompasses the theory and inspirations behind the garments.

“Although there were setbacks through completing the major work during lockdown, I think that everyone was extremely proud of everything they had achieved. 

“I’d like to add that, even if you are discouraged from this subject because you can’t imagine yourself sewing or making something, you really do learn to grasp the basic concepts in this course. It’s not just for people who want to create apparel, as there are many focus areas you can pick from.”