Book Week celebrated at IGS

Children's Book Week is being celebrated at IGS throughout Weeks 2 and 3.

The event, promoted by the Children’s Book Council of Australia, aims to bring children and books together.

Our youngest learners in Early Learning were encouraged to dress up as their favourite book character and enjoyed reading some of their favourite books.

Parents are invited to take part in the Bibliothèque book fair being run in conjunction with Gleebooks. A number of popular new releases are on display in the Bibliothèque for primary students to browse during their library lessons in Weeks 2 and 3. Details may be viewed here

Available titles are listed on the document for your child’s year group. To order go to or go to the Gleebooks website at select the ‘Children’ tab, pick the ‘Schools’ option and scroll down to click on the yellow “IGS Book Fair 2020” panel to purchase books from any year group list. (Please add the coupon code “IGS2020” at checkout, and in the ‘order notes’ please write your child’s name and class. Funds raised help build the IGS book collection.)

Staff also joined in the fun on Friday.