Bibliothèque’s feast of reading

Year 7 English students were treated to a delicious Bibliothèque "book tasting" experience.

Each class  had the opportunity to attend the Bibliothèque with their English teacher, expertly led by the Bibliothèque librarians and staff.

“Students were invited to take a seat at the bibliographic table, and sample some of the many literary dishes that the Bibliothèque has on offer,” Assistant Director Bibliothèque Patrice Marchbank said.

“With the lights dimmed, the (LED) candles lit and soft jazz music playing, students noted what they did or did not enjoy about each of the books they had the opportunity to ‘taste’.

“If they enjoyed the experience, they were invited to sample more of the text by borrowing it to take home.

“Research has demonstrated that reading for recreation has numerous academic and wellbeing benefits for students, yet often falls by the wayside in high school years.”

Bibliothèque and English Department staff will continue to nurture in students “a lifelong love of the smorgasbord of texts available to them”.

Other High School year groups will follow.