Beautiful Work: Year 9 English reimagine Shakespeare

Year 9 English unleashed their creativity as they reimagined scenes from Shakespeare's Macbeth.

As an introduction to the play, the class watched multiple adaptations of the opening scene, The Witches.

To illustrate their understanding, students were tasked with creating their own adaptations.

English and Drama Teacher Megan Sampson congratulated her students on their creativity.

“Year 9 were so imaginative and I can’t wait to see more of their beautiful work as we continue through the play,” she said.

One group took a scene from The Witches, and reframed the characters as mad scientists, using the original dialogue.

“Among the creative work were also Uber eats delivery drivers and hairdressers.”

Megan thanked colleague Claire Loh and the Science Department for lending students science accessories that helped bring their vision to life.