Beautiful Work: Year 10 Drama get physical

Year 10 Drama have been learning about Comedy in Term 1.

Students have been experimenting with slapstick, lazzi, parody, soap opera and comic characters.

“They have been on the floor creating impressively skilled physical routines, incorporating slips, trips, falls and collisions. There has been much laughter in the Drama class,” Director of Dramatic Arts Rita Morabito said.

“We consolidated our study of comedy by going to the theatre to see the brilliantly funny Fangirls at the Seymour Centre.

“Although the play was full of comic moments, Yulan of Year 10 commented that the play touched on how focused young girls are with their looks and the negative comments girls make about other girls.”

“Social media is a toxic environment that forces unrealistic beauty standards down people’s throats,” Yulan said.

In conversation with the cast and crew after the show, one of the actors acknowledged that “for so many girls it feels like they are participating in a beauty contest that they didn’t choose to enter”.

“Through the vehicle of comedy, music and song, outrageous characters and situations, a powerful message was explored,” Rita said.

Jack from Year 10 said: “It was amazing, I really loved it. They parodied a pop band and the lyrics of typical pop songs which would usually make someone feel special. For example, they sang ‘I love your fingernails’.”

Rita said she looks forward to seeing the beautifully constructed work her students will make as they divide into groups to create their performance tasks.