Beautiful Work: Rich collaboration in Early Learning

Early Learning Educator Sonja Wiedenmaier shared the beautiful work of her students enjoying Sydney's magnificent structures.

Students were particularly interested in learning about the Sydney Opera House.

Sonja congratulated Hugo, Caroline and Bentura, who shared their interest and vast knowledge about this significant structure.

“Following Hugo’s lead, Bentura and Caroline collaborated and discussed the intricacies of designing the magnificent sails of the opera House, using paper, and discussed how many pieces they might need,” Sonja said.

“Rich dialogue and collaboration occurred when they started to design and make the sails of this structure and added these to their joint construction.

“A dilemma was solved when the paper sails slid off the blocks, resulting in dynamic problem solving.”


Head of School Early Learning Sarah Herbert highlighted some of the important aspects of this learning experience. They included; Careful planning, selecting of materials, making size comparisons when constructing, recalling buildings from memory, and ensuring balance and scale are adhered to.

“Incidental play experiences help children create an understanding of early mathematics and social resilience skills used not only at IGS, but also in every day life,” Sarah said.

“Children eagerly investigated the highly detailed illustrations of the book ‘In unserer Stadt’ by Mahlstrom. Exposure to many languages, and surrounding children with language at every opportunity is our focus in Early Learning.

“Children attending IGS Early Learning are gifted with the opportunity to learn a variety of languages. Although children are enrolled to learn one of 5 languages taught in the Centre, children in Early Learning Gold became curious about the German text for the many actions, places and people that were found within the book.


“It is such a delight to see our children return to their collaborative work over an extended period of time; with each time reflecting on their previous work and sharing their thoughts and ideas about the changes that have occurred with the block building construction project”.