Beautiful work: Positive digital citizens in PDHPE

Congratulations to Alice of Year 7 for creating a vibrant and inspiring cover page for her workbook.

For her Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (PDHPE) Digital Citizens unit, Alice called on her artistic skills to create an image of her hands holding a globe.

The Term 1 unit will explore the challenges and changes of moving to High School. All Year 7 students will identify their support networks and ways to adapt in positive ways.

“Alice has inspired us all through her creative design and beautiful attention to detail,” said Head of PDHPE, Sport and Outdoor Education Simon Board.

Alice said she loves art.

“I find it relaxing to get ‘lost’ in a drawing,” Alice said. “I have found that I draw best when I have been set the task as an assignment or a competition.

“I originally sketched out my idea at school but when I got home I made some edits, outlined and coloured it.

“So far I am really enjoying Year 7 more so being a highschooler. Some of my favourite things about it is moving from class to class while stopping to get my books out from my locker.

“I also enjoy having all the subjects split up as it is quite a difference from ‘home class’.

“What I love about the concept of ‘”Beautiful work” in this case is being able to form an idea and throughout time expand on it adding more and adding little hidden details.

“Art is one of my favourite subjects and I look forward to expanding and learning more on it throughout high school.”

Meanwhile, in PDHPE, students will evaluate the relationship adolescents can have with technology and the online world, including links between online use and mental health, digital reputations and online safety.

Students will learn how to access support networks and credible information outside the classroom, and explore how various challenges can impact mental health and other dimensions of health.